Welcome to Kolkata Institute of Graphology

Graphology is the science of understanding human mind through analysis of one’s handwriting.Like talk or mimicry,handwriting is an expressive behaviour.Handwriting bears the unique imprint of one’s personality with all its strengths and weaknesses.It is,as if,in an unconscious way,one is giving to the world a window to the deepest self.Like DNA,every human being has a characteristic handwriting.Handwriting analysis,ie,graphology can not only help us gain insight into our own strengths and weaknesses,it can also help us to guard our mind and health and thus can serve effectively to any human being-who learns this science or who takes graphological help in his life.In psychology it is widely used as a projective tool.

How Can Graphology Help You:
    • Graphology helps best to know yourself and to solve your problem: Your handwriting tells you at least 180 hidden traits and unlimited number of effects which you may or may not be aware of:A few of those are like your ability and inability in different fields,your source of success and failure ,your mood,logic,impulsiveness,loneliness…more