We conduct courses on graphology regularly. Our course material is developed and maintained as per international standards.We teach Graphology course extensively and in tune with psychology .This is an experimented fact that individuals who have learnt this course from here are capable of doing analysis of writing of any individual with 80% of accuracy.
One can learn this science of graphology from two step courses as follows:

First Degree Course: This is an extensive course on the science of graphology.The course is combined with theory and practical classes(workshop). In theory we develop the understanding of graphology and in workshop we train them to apply this knowledge to analyse any unknown sample of writing independently.
The total duration is of 52 hours which is divided into 6 Sundays and 8 workshops.Students are eligible to sit for exams after completion of 8 workshops.We also organise weekday batches for first degree course which one can know by contacting our office directly.


1) Historical development of graphology
2) Graphology- an empirical science
3) Complete fundamentals of science of graphology
4) Science of writing,letters,strokes and its meaning
5) Analysing handwriting independently

Class XII appeared/passed and adept in reading and writing English.

Age: Should be 18 years and above(no bar in upper age limit).

ADDITIONAL BENEFITS : Students who learn this course get the following benefits free of any extra charges..

1)After completion of first degree course,we allow our students to attend unlimited number of workshops under our guidance to enhance their level of accuracy.
2)Our students are counselled individually and their personal weaknesses are rectified.

ADVANCE COURSE: Graphologists are eligible to enroll in the advance course 3 months after completion of First Degree course.This is a specialisation course based on in-depth concept on the application- fields of Graphology by which a person can become an expert in those areas.

1)Psychological base of mind and how it works
2)Writing rhythm/writing in motion
3)Specialisation in signature
4)Specialisation in identifying physical disorder
5)Specialisation in identifying mental disorder
6)Concept of learning to analyse any script(of any language)
Duration:It is a 40 hours course divided into 4 or 5 days(including theory and practicals).

Graphology has a tremendous scope of research. It can be applied as a projective tool  in the fields of human behaviour,psychosomatic illnesses,stress management.We guide students who want to grow and research with graphology.